Purchase a Hyperbaric Chamber​

Physicians & Healthcare Professionals

Clinical chambers are available for purchase and installation in your practice. Send a query below for more information.

We provide clinical HBOT treatments on a convenient schedule, Call (619-423-8200)

For a large number of treatments or professional use, we offer the option to buy a hyperbaric chamber. Information on the purchase, installation, and training is available below.

Pacific Hyperbarics partners with skilled physicians and healthcare professionals, uniting expertise to deliver top-tier hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Our collaborative approach ensures individualized care, creating a path to optimal health through the hands of experienced and compassionate professionals


Hyperbaric chambers are available for home use, purchase, or rent.  Portable chambers can be used by a single person.  Clinical chambers can be installed and used with a professional operator that we provide, or your operator can be trained. Send a query below for more information.