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By promoting healing of the problem wound, adding HBO therapy can mean the difference between disability, loss of limb, and healing.

Some Of The Many Conditions That We Treat

Frequently Asked Questions

With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) one breathes 100% oxygen at pressures (baric) greater (hyper) than sea level atmospheric pressure, which enhances the body’s natural-healing process virtually risk free. Hyperbaric Medicine grew out of the problems encountered by divers exposed to high pressures. Hyperbaric Medicine represents an emerging medical specialty whose scientific basis, while supported by over 6,000 studies, continues to be explored. Today, HBOT is approved for use in air embolism, blood loss, bone infections, burns, carbon monoxide poisoning (smoke inhalation), crush injuries, decompression sickness, gangrene, soft tissue infections, intracranial abscess, non-healing wounds, radiation tissue damage, and skin grafts.

Other conditions that show evidence of HBOT value as a treatment include: stroke (cerbrovascular accident), head injury (cerebral edema/coma), cerebral palsy, bone-fracture, acute retinal artery occlusion, migraine & cluster headaches, chronic fatigue-syndrome (CFS), sports injuries, AIDS, sickle cell anemia crisis, acute spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis (MS), Lyme disease, diabetic retinopathy, colitis, diabetic foot ulcers, and plastic/reconstructive surgery (preparation and recovery). While these conditions are-considered off-label indications for HBOT, there is stronger scientific evidence for a-number of these indications than there is for almost half of all the approved indications; nevertheless, because these conditions are off-label, by law no claims can be made.

Pacific Hyperbarics is under the supervision and directorship of David Greene, MD. He will provide consultation for any indication which HBOT has been shown to benefit. Physician referral is desirable, but no one will be excluded because of lack of physician referral. Patients who seek out HBOT are often facing life-threatening medical problems and have exhausted established medical treatment options, which is why Pacific Hyperbarics adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards when using HBOT for new and unapproved medical indications.

Some preexisting conditions or concurrent therapies can present contraindications to HBO.

Upper respiratory infections and chronic sinusitis make it difficult for the patient to clear his/her ears. Often decongestants are used to open the sinuses.

HBO treatment is absolutely contraindicated for patients with pneumothorax, or collapse lung, and caution is used with HBO treatment if a patient has a history of spontaneous pneumothorax.

HBO is not recommended for patients who have active cancerous conditions on certain chemotherapy agents.

If a woman is pregnant, HBO is not recommended for precautionary reasons, except in life-threatening emergencies.

Barotrauma or ear and sinus discomfort. A patient may experience a fullness and an uncomfortable pressure in the ears. This can be relieved by slowing the rate of descent/ascent so that the patient is comfortable with the change in pressure. Also, decongestants taken prior to treatment is sometimes helpful.

Serous otitis. Rarely, fluid accumulates in the ears as a result of changes in pressure in the ears and sinuses resulting in a possible ruptured membrane. Treatment is the discontinuance of HBOT and a referral to an ENT physician.

Temporary worsening of near-sightedness (Myopia). After twenty or more treatments, especially if the patient is over forty years of age, it is possible to experience a temporary diminution in the ability to focus on things far away. This is temporary and vision typically returns to its pre-treatment level about six weeks after cessation of therapy. It is not advisable to get a new prescription for glasses until at least eight weeks have passed after hyperbaric therapy.

Temporary improvement in far-sightedness (Presbyopia). Also, after twenty or more treatments, especially if the patent is over forty years of age, there is a possibility to experience an improvement in the ability to see things close up or to read without glasses. However, this is temporary and the vision should return to its previous level of acuity in about six weeks following cessation of hyperbaric treatment.

The treatment process may be modified for different types of chambers, either the monoplace or the multi-place chamber. In the monoplace chamber, one person at a time is treated, whereas in the multiplace chamber where more than one patient is treated at the same time, with an attendant present in the chamber. Pacific Hyperbarics utilizes monoplace chambers to treat our patients.

Only 100% cotton clothing like the scrubs provided are permitted in the chamber. No cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, hair preparations, wigs or jewelry are worn during the treatments. Patients are advised not to take carbonated drinks or alcohol for at least four hours prior to each treatment, and that they should give up smoking and tobacco products, as these interfere with the body’s ability to transport oxygen.

Once inside the chamber, the patient will begin to experience the change in pressure which is the same as that felt in an airplane when ascending or landing. Prior to the treatment, the patient is instructed in techniques of equalizing the ear/sinus pressure by yawning, swallowing, or attempting to blow through the nose while holding it shut. During the treatment the individual will be breathing 100% oxygen, dispersing oxygen into the blood plasma and delivering up to 15 times as much oxygen to tissues as would breathing room air. Normal treatment length is 60 – 90 minutes, depending the diagnosis and the physician’s determination of treatment. The acrylic walls allow for the trained technicians to closely monitor the patient, as well as providing comfortable viewing out of the chamber. From inside the chamber the patient can always communicate with the attending technician via intercom, watch TV or just take a nap.


This review is way overdue, but needed to be done. Back in April I had a c-section after carrying twins. I lost a lot of blood during the surgery and had to have a blood transfusion a couple days later. I reached out to Carlos for services to aid in my healing process. From the first appointment all the way to the last appointment, Carlos was amazing to work with and made me feel welcome each and every time. I live in Escondido and made the drive for two weeks straight. It was definitely worth it because I started to heal a lot faster and my incision site was getting smaller. I was also feeling a lot stronger and not as weak from being anemic. I had a post pregnancy blood draw and my hemoglobin count was within normal levels. I plan to use this service in the future!
Serah S. 11/26/2017
When you walk in you will immediately feel relaxed by Carlos' warm and knowledgeable manner. He knows and explains the process well. I came here post surgically and healed almost miraculously! Now I am considering it for my family member who has an auto immune disease, because I am reading more and more about its healing effects, but also because I saw it work first hand. I can tell you one thing... I would not have surgery without it and I recommend you go straight from surgery to the hyperbaric chamber if you have outpatient surgery. I think that may have been key in my miraculous healing. In 20 years, I think we will learn that we should have been doing this all along. Those of us in the know will be smiling .
Gigi L. 04/13/2016
Hi I went searching for hyperbaric chamber treatments to help my 14 yr son recover from surgery and chronic knee pain. I found Pacific Hyperbaric and Carlos was so confident and knowledgeable. Put me at ease and I traveled from Escondido to Chula Vista for the treatments. My son said he felt better after each session. And you can't beat the price per session. It gave a mom like me a fighting chance to help my son with alternative pain management. Thank Carlos and Pacific Hyperbaric's!!!
Stacey J. 09/15/2016
Went in for a couple sessions post surgery to help speed up the recovery process. I definitely feel like it made a difference and went back a couple weeks later for an additional session. Carlos was super sweet and reassuring... Constantly checking on me during the session to make sure I was ok especially during my first session. There aren't many of these facilities in San Diego but this one is definitely the best from what's out there. Highly recommend especially after any surgical procedure!
Whitney H. 05/20/2016
I first heard about this facility after one of my doctors recommended it. I came here after surgery and the oxygen chamber significantly reduced my swelling, pain, and overall healing time. Before my session, I knew nothing about the healing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, upon meeting Carlos, I felt completely at ease. He is very welcoming and knowledgable on the subject, and he walks you through the entire process so that you are completely comfortable throughout each of your chamber sessions. The facility is clean and professional and you can opt to watch movie during your sessions. If you haven't given oxygen therapy a try, I would highly recommend Pacific Hyperbarics.
Brenda C. 09/15/2016
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