First I want to give some context. My mom has had diabetes for over 20 years and her injuries and surgeries had always healed normally. However, about 4 months ago she accidentally cut herself while cutting her toenails and after a couple of weeks we realized it was not healing properly. After meeting with her Podiatrist, we were told that it had gotten infected and there might be a possibility of gangrene. Her toe had started turning a purplish red tone and she was scared since she had never experienced a non healing injury. She was given antibiotics and referred for other treatments to improve blood flow to the toe yet none of those things worked. As a result she was referred to this establishment as a possible solution and to prevent the chances of gangrene. Now for my thoughts on this place. I can not express how great this therapy is. My mom had no knowledge that this therapy even existed and was nervous the first couple of sessions. At first she was scared that her toe was never going to get better. Mike and Emilia however, made the process such a comfortable experience and they are extremely attentive to the individual needs of every one of their patients. My mother was referred to this therapy to speed up the healing process of her toe yet this has not been the only benefit. She usually struggles sleeping and since she began therapy she has been able to sleep better, her blood sugar levels have not been fluctuating as much and are starting to stabilize a bit, and the main reason for the referral, her toe injury, has started turning back to its normal skin tone and she has experienced less pain.. We came into this therapy not really knowing what to expect or how helpful it was going to be, but it definitely has proven to be the best treatment out of all the things her Podiatrist had tried before. The establishment makes you feel welcomed and is the perfect combination of professionalism and friendliness. You are welcomed and treated as way more than a patient, they are flexible and try to work around the schedule that works the best for you.. We have been to different types of therapy and clinics throughout the years and this place has by far the most comfortable atmosphere and the friendliest people. Honestly, 5 stars is not enough to rate how great this therapy and the establishment is.
Cristian P. 01/02/2022