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Why Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson Chooses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Professional football takes a toll on athletes, with frequent injuries and early retirements being commonplace. However, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is defying the norm. As the second-highest passer in NFL history and one of the highest-paid players, Wilson attributes part of his success to a rigorous wellness routine, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Russell Wilson’s HBOT Routine

Wilson, known for his dedication to fitness and well-being, incorporates three weekly HBOT sessions, each lasting up to three hours. This therapy is a key element in his recovery strategy, contributing to his remarkable eight-year perfect attendance record for practices and games. Wilson has boldly expressed his intention to continue playing football until the age of 45, crediting his hyperbaric chamber as a significant factor in achieving this goal.

Decoding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

HBOT involves breathing 100% infused oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. This allows oxygen to reach every part of the body, promoting cellular repair and new growth. Beyond cellular benefits, HBOT enhances circulation, stimulates stem cell growth, reduces inflammation, and supports the immune system. While traditionally used for medical conditions like diabetic ulcers and bone infections, athletes like Wilson are leveraging its potential for sports-related recovery.

How HBOT Benefits a Quarterback and Athletes

Professional football players, prone to injuries, find HBOT particularly beneficial. In the 2019 season alone, players suffered 224 concussions, 47 ACL tears, and 109 MCL tears. Studies reveal the efficacy of HBOT in treating concussions and sports injuries. A 2018 study showed improvement in health-related quality of life outcomes for post-concussive syndrome patients treated with HBOT. Additionally, a 2011 study highlighted benefits like vasoconstriction, enhanced oxygenation, edema reduction, and a systemic anti-inflammatory effect.

Holistic Hyperbarics and Athlete Recovery

Holistic Hyperbarics, a provider experienced in treating professional sports players, aims to help athletes heal faster, grow stronger, and live better. Whether recovering from a sports injury or surgery, HBOT offers an effective path to faster healing and sustained health. Holistic Hyperbarics provides a state-of-the-art spa environment, comfortable hyperbaric chambers, and knowledgeable staff, ensuring a positive experience for athletes seeking optimal recovery.


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